Monday, 24 September 2012

Growing up already?

You may remember of you have read a few posts back that I not too long ago I posted the idea of my style eventually turning 'Grunge to Grown-up' and surprisingly I think it is already beginning to be a transition. Don't get me wrong I'm still fully in love with my army jacket and distressed shorts but today I picked up a jacket from H&M that might be hinting to a more grown up style.

After Discovering Lana Del Rey's album I haven't been able to get enough so when I found out she was going to be the face of a campaign for H&M you can only imagine my excitement. I browsed over the promo images and wasn't overly impressed. However, I did spot this little beauty...

The 'Biker Blazer',simply gorgeous don't you think ?

I spotted it down at my local store and fell instantly in love. But they didn't have my size, and I'm not joking, I almost cried with disappointment! But luckily 4 days later I popped back to bath and snapped it up for £24.99 and if you ask me that's a bargain.

The reason I say it might be my 'transition' from grunge to grown-up is because, well, it has a bit of both. Not only is it the style and fit of your average biker jacket but it has a bit of a grown-up twist being a kind of tweed effect and coated with a metallic silver speckles to give it a fun edge.

But regardless of the fact i don't ever really want to grow up, it has to be one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe! I would grab one fast if your interested because it's sold out pretty much everywhere!