Monday, 30 January 2012

Revlon colour stay vs. L'oreal super liner

I’ve had a long and rocky realationships with eyeliners and I always seem to get it wrong. UNTIL now. I've been through the kohl stage, I’ve dabbled in gel liners and I've had trouble with liquid. However now I have fallen head over heals in love with L’oreal super liner carbon gloss.

I've always been a lover or liquid liner but I've forever been rubbish at applying it. Until I realised not only is it the product, but the applicator that matters! Super liner has a bendy brush which I always felt would be hard to control as I struggled with the stiff brush of liners like revlon colour stay. But I’ve seen the light and just to warn you this is the best liner I've ever tried. I was sure I couldn't get better than Revlon colour stay liquid liner because Revlon is my go to brand. Although I hate to admit it I was WRONG so so wrong.

The bendy brush makes it easy to effortlessly apply in seconds and the staying power is all day, what more could you wish for!

Friday, 27 January 2012

iphone 4/4s case

I know this isn't exactly the traditional fashion and beauty post but everyone I've explained this idea too has said they would never have thought about it so I thought maybe to someone out there this might be a useful idea.

I recently traded in my old blackberry for a new iPhone and I see why everyone raves about them so much! Being a new member of the iPhone family I was very eager to find a protective case for mine ASAP given that I'm bloody terrified of breaking it. I set off searching the web and realized there really wasn't anything that was my style and affordable, so I settled for a plain clear case instead. I really enjoy customisation and DIY so I thought why not try and make a customised phone case with a pattern a bit more my style? I know that many websites will put photographs on cases for you but as a student I don't really have money to spend on things like that and wanted a cheaper alternative.

I'm extremely picky and someone who gets bored easily so it needed to be a case that had a lot of different possibilities. Then it hit me why not print off a bunch of patterns and cut them to fit behind the back of the clear case?

So that's what I did. I used Google images to find the patterns I wanted, printed them, drew around the clear case to get the general shape and trimmed them to fit inside the back. It has become the perfect solution to my problem meaning I can change the pattern on my case I'm minutes and have a million and one different designs at no extra cost. Perfect if you ask me.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Revlon Matte Lipstick 'Fabulous Fig'.

So, I was looking through the blogs I click daily trying to get inspired to post and I noticed that I have never even considered writing about one of my favourite products so here goes...

Lipstick. Its something that almost every girl loves to wear whether your brave enough to sport bright red in the day time or are more of a nude shade girl we all love it! Personally I love red lipstick, its almost the only colour I buy but I really don't need any more of the stuff, I just cant help myself. I am a self confessed lipstick addict, so I think the best way to start a favourites post would be my all time favourite lipstick, which happens to also come from my all time favourite 'drug-store' or if your in the U.K high-street brand.

Revlon Matte 'Fabulous Fig'
I am a massive fan of matte lipstick, for some reason I just think they look 10 times nicer than glossy ones and shimmery anything is just a no go area for me. The only issue is matte finishes are that their massively drying and as a dry lip sufferer already they are not my best friend especially in the winter months. However, unlike some higher end matte lipsticks I've tried in the past the formula for these is smooth, creamy and easy to apply making them almost perfect! Unfortunately like most matte lipsticks they are drying but then again that has to be expected. All in all this range is definitely my favourite on the market and I will forever be repurchasing.

I'm an avid red lipstick wearer but this has to be my favourite shade for every day simply because its not too in your face. Where I used to live was a very small town and wearing bright red lipstick got you a few funny looks in the light of day so this became my favourite toned down alternative, and its stuck with me as a solid favourite ever since!

Monday, 23 January 2012


This is a bit of an odd one as posts go really but I think it needs to be done. I would like to apologies for the quality of the photos that I am posting! As hard as I try it is ridiculously difficult to get quality photos in natural light. living in halls of residence gives you no choice of room position and unfortunately I drew the short straw of the flat and ended up with this charming view from my window...
as you can imagine this leaves little natural light coming into my room because its all blocked by this massive bloody wall. This means I continuously have to have the lights on which one I hate and two makes for less impressive photos because everything looks better in natural light! Unfortunately until we move into the new house this situation wont be changing (as much as I would love it to) so if you could bare with me for just a little bit more I would really appreciate it!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

a tad manly.

I have found myself since coming to university having a bit of a style change. I used to dress pretty smart really, all chinos, shirts pretty dressed and smart shoes but since arriving here I seem to have done a complete 180 and gone super casual.

A side effect of this you could say is that I am increasingly found to be wearing clothes made for men. Now don't get me wrong I have no shame in letting the world know I really love wearing men's clothes, I don't even mind wondering around the men's section and getting an odd look here and there. In fact i love shopping in the men's section. Although its not for everyone I think its nice to find something you know no other girl will be wearing around uni or a cut that you wouldn't find in women's clothing.

I've begun to collect quite a lot of men's items and I thought it would be a cool idea to show them in a post and essentially rave about how much I love them.

Vans: office £44.99

I think many people will agree with me that Vans are a pretty great shoe! Whether your a girl or a guy I think these are something everyone needs to have in there wardrobe for those days when you really can't be bothered to try too hard and want to throw something on with jeans and a jumper. I think as unisex shoes go these are my number one.

denim jacket: Topman (boyfriends)
hoody: Primark £8

Ok, i will admit this denim jacket isn't exactly mine and as hard as I am trying to keep it in my possession I think sooner or later my boyfriend will ask for it back, unfortunately for me it has become my favourite thing to wear, and I am now desperately trying to find one of my own just like it! The hoody underneath comes from Primark and was a cheap at £8 which i think was well worth it because I've began layering it under almost everything!

all tops: Primark £2.50

Another great buy from Primark is these men's slim fit t-shirts in XS for £2.50. I bought the grey one on a whim one day just to try it out and have rushed back to get them in a couple different colours and it turns out these are now some of my favourite t-shirts. I think the reason I love them so much is the high neckline which is almost impossible to find on any women's tops.

all Topman sale £1-£4

Men's jewellery is yet another thing that I love to get my hands on. Whenever Topshop and Topman have a sale I go straight for the jewellery because lets face it its a tad over priced when its not discounted. Thinking about it i need to pop down there again soon to have another cheeky look around. Its surprising what you find when you really look.

I personally think its totally acceptable to not only raid you boyfriends wardrobe but fill yours with your own selection of manly pieces, but then again that might just be me.

Friday, 20 January 2012


Now eBay is a bit of an odd one when it comes to people my age, it seems to be regarded in many ways as a massive jumble sale that is pretty much useless. It has been on the up i think with popular fashion blogs like making it a feature of some posts. But i will be the first to admit that i adore eBay and i am not ashamed to say so! Not only have i bought a fair number of clothing pieces from there but when I'm looking for a cheap alternative to over priced jewellery it is always my first port of call. From sterling silver rings and cross earring's to charms for cord bracelets its just everything you could ever want in one place and not one of the pieces on the image below cost me over £3! How great is that?
So i urge you to have a look if you fancy a new pair of ea rings or a silver stone ring just have go you might be surprised what you find i know i always am!

Friday, 13 January 2012


I have never been a fan of coats, from as far back as i can remember my mum would try and get me to wear one, only for me to take it off as soon as i was out of sight, i wasn't having any of it. But this year that has all changed! I found this coat on a whim if I'm honest with you, it was on one of those little adverts you see on the side of YouTube that i never really pay any attention to. It turned out the coat was in the sale for half price and there was free postage and as i love a bargin i couldn't turn it down. I had been eyeing up a burnt redish orange fur collar coat from Topshop from the moment i set my eyes on it but for over £100 it was a little out of my price range along with the on i also love from Urban outfitters. So i decided to get a little thrifty and construct my own.
coat: newlook £25 fur collar: h&m £12

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

MUA review.

I have to admit I was extremely excited when I heard about MUA makeup appearing in Superdrugs all over the country and I'm really glad I tried them out! I think the first time i saw them was when there was alot of hype on MUA with the youtube beauty and fashion channels and the second i got a chance i ran to my local superdrug to find out if we had it in store. Thankfully we did and my obsession grew from there.

I was about to say that i only have a couple of products but after looking through my makeup collection i seem to have acumulated a few more than i thought i had. To be honest with you its definitly a brand i find i either love or hate, but the products i love are well worth it! In the basic range everything id £1 and in the professional line it can vary, but it still remains very affordable!

1. The eyeshadows are my main addiction and for a girl who wears little eyeshadow its surprising to even me that i have so many. Although unlike other shadows like MAC for example when they are this reasonable i dont have to consider if its worth it or not. All the colors are very pigmented and for £1 they are simply amazing! It took me a while to get hold of this incredible copper colour because it was continualy sold out but i finaly snapped it up. There are mixed reviews on their packaging, which i tink its pretty good all in all, but what can you expect for £1.

2. Their clear mascara is a cheap alternative to brow gel and for me it works really well so on a whim i decided to pick up their brow pencil in hopes it would sort out my messy brows. It did and i was pleasently surprised it lasts all day on me and was great for my first brow pencil!

3. I'm not a huge blush wearer especially in pink shades but, its easily blendable the only down side i can find is that its a bit to shimmery for me.

4. Like any eyeliners their khol pencil doesnt last all day but it has a teriffic colour pay off on the water line and i dont particularly mind re-applying. The fact that there is a sharpner in the lid is also a massive plus as i tend to loose my sharpeners all the time!

5. Lastly the lipsticks, brilliant colour and sleek packaging.The colour shown in the pagaging is an exact match to the lipstick itself which is always a plus. The only problem i have with the lipsticks is that they are a bit too smooth, they almost feel like a gloss on the lips and i dont know if its just me but i like to feel secure in the fact it wont smudge all over my face or teeth.

It has to be said that MUA for a very affordable brand have done amazingly well with their products and i will be going back again and again.

Monday, 9 January 2012

This is me..

Just thought I would do a little introducing of myself as this is a new blog and I'm a new blogger i thought it might be best!
So this is me...

My name is Emily House i have no nicknames apart from the handful of people that call me Em or House. I'm 18 years old and a student currently in the first year of university. I have long brown hair, blue eyes, previously wore braces and I like piercings. I'm ambidextrous. Some of my favourite films are still Disney classics. I spend all my money in Topshop and urban outfitters when i don't need food because i am a shopping addict!

I wear alot of black so if you asked anyone else i guess they would say that was my favourite colour even though its red. I love lots of different music but then again thats because my boyfriend is addicted to it so ive been introduced to alot of amazing stuff! I read Vogue religiously oh and I'm currently wanting to make something of this little blog I've started, just a waiting game now!

Friday, 6 January 2012

New year...

So I was sat at home thinking about new years resolutions and things I wish I could do. Given that my resolutions went so well last year I thought I would make some more this year, so I made a list. To be honest with you it has turned out more as a 'to do' list rather than resolutions but never mind haha.

1. Blog 3 or more times a week and stick at it!
2. Start a YouTube fashion and beauty channel (because I have always wanted to but am too nervous)
3. Learn to stop procrastinating so much
4. Spend less money (so hard when your a retail addict)
5. Be healthy (that means gym and food)
6. Read every page of every book or magazine I buy! (don't leave them unopened)

And that's about it I think! So now it's just time to do them! Wish me luck. :)