Monday, 18 February 2013

These are my top mix and match products to get a perfect red lip whatever the season and whatever your mood. Everything you could want in a red lip look from a sheer wash of colour to a long lasting shade these four products provide all you need. These are my fail safe items and this is what I think of them....

Mac's 'Ruby Woo': 
The ideal choice for those days when you want a long wearing lippy or know you'll be doing a lot of smooching. It's notorious for being a bit drying and a tad chalky but I find with a good lip balm underneath it is the perfect long wearing lip shade. It doesn't require a lip liner and with a gloss over the top or even a bit of Revlon lip butter to keep your lips conditioned and your good to go.

Rimmel 'Red Dynamite' lip pencil:
On its own or as the perfect base this lip pencil is my go too choice. I wore this on the weekend as an opaque base to the new and undoubtably popular Rimmel Apocalips lip colours. Not only did it  kept the liquid lipstick in place but made it last through breakfast and lunch!

Revlon lip butter in 'Candy Apple':
My go to red for this summer! Light and glossy I think this is the perfect shade for the summer, in fact I'm already thinking about outfits I can wear it with. Obsessed? I think so. Also it works brilliantly as a gloss, thats not at all sticky, over lip-stick or liner.

Rimmel Apocalips 'Big Bang':
Like everyone else in the blogging world as soon as I tried the Apocolips lip colours I fell in love. As a red lip stick lover the first one I picked up had to be 'Big Bang' and I wasn't disappointed. Opaque and glossy there isn't much not to like about these. Although, I have found that I do tend to get it on my teeth a lot.

Friday, 15 February 2013

I've got a confession to make... I bought my first pair of sunglasses this year around an hour ago. Now I know its still winter and the sun doesn't come out all that often in the UK but I just love sun glasses. They might even be my favourite part of summer time. So in light of my purchase it thought it would be a good plan to have a look online for the glasses I'm after this year. So, here they are. Four of the styles I'm after for the soon to be summer.