Monday, 26 November 2012

The perfect little... Christmas dress?

Long time no blog hey? I promise you this is the last apology you will be getting off me for the fact I'm a rubbish blogger! Uni has finally settled down, I say settled down I have two assignments due in two weeks time but who doesn't love a little bit of procrastination now and again? So, whilst I take a break from fighting with this essay I will try to entertain you by doing a much-needed post! 

After being at work all weekend and having the question "So what are you wearing to the Christmas party?" thrown at me at least a dozen times I realized I had absolutely no idea what I was going to wear. Although, I was going with a black pencil skirt and a sheer peplum top with a red velvet baroque pattern, but after I had to put together an impromptu Halloween costume that’s out the window because, well no one wants a vampire at the Christmas party do they? I tend to be one of those people who sort of throw something together at the last minute and ends up pulling out the little black dress that has been ever so faithful to me throughout the years. But I have vowed that this Christmas that will all change! So, I am now on the hunt for the, it seems, somewhat illusive PFD- Perfect Festive Dress.

Now, if you’re like me and on a fairly tight budget you may have a harder time than others locating your PFD. I for example started where I imagine most people would, the local shopping center, I have looked high and low and still found, well, diddley squat. So now in lieu of my procrastination I have put down my book on ‘Realism in Contemporary Children’s Literature’ to adopt a new mission. Online shopping! Now brace yourself, if you take this route you may be in for hours of slogging through various websites in the hope that something might scream out at you. Although, it helps when you know exactly what you’re looking for.

For example one of the girls I work with is thinking black sequin dress. Now I have been down this road before and lets just say flash photography is not my friend on a good day and neither is it with sequins on. So I for one am planning to stay clear of the sparkle this year. Velvet is one of my much loved favorites for this season, it’s just something about the texture, I mean who doesn’t want to dress on red or green velvet the one time of year they can get away with it? Lace is always nice, but then again I don’t see it being all that festive. Although saying that I have just spotted a gold dress with red lace that would fit the bill perfectly. Unfortunately £60 is a little out of my price range but a nice try from Topshop. Asos has failed me because I just cant stomach the sheer amount of items on the website and Urbaoutfitters has once again proven that it is horrendously overpriced. I’m getting so stressed I’m tempted to just forget it and go right back to my essay.

Looks like it might be a Christmas miracle if I ever find what I’m looking for. Jesus Christ all this and I still haven’t picked out my shoes.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Growing up already?

You may remember of you have read a few posts back that I not too long ago I posted the idea of my style eventually turning 'Grunge to Grown-up' and surprisingly I think it is already beginning to be a transition. Don't get me wrong I'm still fully in love with my army jacket and distressed shorts but today I picked up a jacket from H&M that might be hinting to a more grown up style.

After Discovering Lana Del Rey's album I haven't been able to get enough so when I found out she was going to be the face of a campaign for H&M you can only imagine my excitement. I browsed over the promo images and wasn't overly impressed. However, I did spot this little beauty...

The 'Biker Blazer',simply gorgeous don't you think ?

I spotted it down at my local store and fell instantly in love. But they didn't have my size, and I'm not joking, I almost cried with disappointment! But luckily 4 days later I popped back to bath and snapped it up for £24.99 and if you ask me that's a bargain.

The reason I say it might be my 'transition' from grunge to grown-up is because, well, it has a bit of both. Not only is it the style and fit of your average biker jacket but it has a bit of a grown-up twist being a kind of tweed effect and coated with a metallic silver speckles to give it a fun edge.

But regardless of the fact i don't ever really want to grow up, it has to be one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe! I would grab one fast if your interested because it's sold out pretty much everywhere!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Perfume Love

Sorry for the horrendous lack of posts lately guys, between working every other day and moving into my new house one suitcase at a time I haven't had time to sit down let alone write anything worth posting. But her goes...

so, the other day I was in Boots looking around and when I got to the perfume I realised all I wanted to look at was my favourite perfume. For some reason I just love having a 'signature' smell. I mean I can see people after years and they instantly remember my perfume form way back when. I like that. Well I LOVE that. For some people it's about having loads of perfume to pick from ever day or even one for each season but I much prefer having just one. Plus I have never heard anyone say they don't like how it smells.

The perfume in question...

Nina by Nina Ricci. I'm appalling at describing smells all I can say is it's really sweet. On the other hand the internet says it has...

Top: A dramatic accord built around citrus pulp, revealed by an intoxicating freshness of Calabrese Lemon  and Caipirinha Lime.

Heart: A dual facet, juicy, mouth-watering, caramelized, which mingles with a precious, delicate and sweet floral note. 

Bottom: A smooth, reassuring, gentle embrace of light woods - Applewood and white Cedar - sensually swathed in soft Musks.

So all in all it seems it's smell is citrus floral and wood - an odd combination but a gorgeous fragrance.

I don't think I will ever swap perfumes. Although I did notice a few additions to the Nina collection that I'm eager to try because maybe they will spur me out of love of the pink apple.

Half of me wonders if it is just the bottle I'm attracted too haha.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


I want all of these jackets I have a thing for parkas and the leather sleeves on the Zara jacket are amazing and the great twist on a classic parka that this army jacket brings to the table is perfect for my style, I love them! As well as all that you already know I love bold floral prints and these bomber jackets epitomise my love for edgy pieces with the floral trend! I will be trying to get my hands on all of these.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

I'm loving...

I am addicted to the massive floral prints of this season and cant wait to get my hand on a few of the pieces featured in this post. So i think it's time to ditch the ditsy prints of previous years and get big and bold with our florals!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Grunge vs. Grown-up

Recently I've been thinking a lot about fashion, my age and my style. Now I know I'm not old old but I've been thinking about how long I can continue to dress the way I dress. 5 years 10 years? who knows. 
I have two different styles as it is but I wonder whether the second part of my style which is more structured and feminine will develop into the one that I wear when I'm over the age of 30.

Grungy and edgy is the way I would describe my style most of the time. Then again when I really stop to think about it my every day look does sometimes fall into a more clean cut style. But, right now the pieces in the more grungy 'collection' feel much more fitted to the person I am right now. 
Me at 30+? Who knows but I can definitely see this as possible. With these clothes fitting so well into the second half as my style I expect this half will grow to take over the more grungy style that dominates my wardrobe now.

What do you think your style will develop into? Its such an odd thing to imagine and I'm probably completely wrong because 10 years ago I would never of guessed how I dress now, but then again I was 9, and I have a little bit of an advantage now as I know SO much more about fashion than I did back then. Although maybe it will be Grunge to Grown-up like this after all...

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Matchy matchy

After creating my last couple of posts and looking through a number of fashion magazines I stumbled across some styling that I am head over heals in love with. Matching! That's right matching having a crop top that is exactly the same pattern and colour as your skirt or shorts is, in my opinion, an amazing way to embrace summer style.

I come across the first outfits looking through skirts to match with a peplum top a few days ago and instantly fell in love with the pattern and after having a quick browse of  I found the matching shorts and crop top which have made it onto my wish list meaning I will soon be picking them up and spending my hard earned cash.

Crop tops have become one of my go to pieces for this summer and I can't get enough of them paired with high waisted trousers, skirts or shorts. I think the fact they let you expose that tinny strip of skin around your waist makes me like them even more. This is yet another reason why I love this trend so much, it incorporates all my summer favourites form bold print to crop tops to high waists. 

Its not all about bright pattern so if that's not your thing I found these darker patterns selling in Topshop. With one being simple and the other a little bit more interesting they show that there is something for everyone. But although both of these outfits sport the full skirt with a little added detail they look worlds apart from one another. I love the cut out details that are everywhere this season but only at topshop have I seen them be used on the front of pieces, but I think its a great way to expose skin in a very sexy way.

And hey if you want to go the whole hog why not add a matching pair of shoes!?

Friday, 29 June 2012

Perfect for Peplum...

The peplum trend has swept the fashion nation and made a big slash on the high-street. You can't walk past a shop window or browse a store without seeing more than one dress or top in this classic style. Now I'm not really one for adopting really girly trends but this one is an exception. I've taken the plunge and invested in a simple black peplum top from Primark for just £8.00 showing they also wont break the bank balance.

Although when I got my peplum home I did sit down and realise I really didn't know what to wear it with. So if your like me and want to try the trend this is what i would recommend wearing with the versatile plain black pepelum top...
Boby-con skirts are an amazing pairing for a plain peplum top they add a pop of colour or an interesting look  with pattern to modernise the style. I found adding a plain black skirt in a mini or pencil style gives the impression of you wearing a dress which works amazingly for a formal look and bright patterns create a more casual appearance.

Let me know what you would pair with a peplum or even if you would wear one at all?

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I'm loving...

I'm not a fan of pastel colours at all, being so pale they make me look even paler and in turn like I has some kind of illness but I cant help loving mint. Something about it just screams out to me and I have to grab it with both hands. God knows my collection of mint will be growing this summer and if I can find a thick jumper ill be taking mint into my winter wardrobe too!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Home Time Haul...

Every time I make a trip home to see my mum we always go for a shopping trip together so this is simply the outcome from one of those trips!

 Coated Jeans-newlook(sale)-£11.00
Maxi Skirt-Primark-£10.00

I really wanted a new pair of jeans and black is my go to colour so when I found these coated jeans in the sale at newlook I got very excited as I was going to buy them full price but by the time I got round to it they were out of stock. They are a perfect alternative to plain jeans and just add a bit of interest to a basic outfit. The maxi skirt is a bit of an odd story its actually a size 12 and as a size 6-8 I would recommend trying it on before you buy if your interested in picking one up.

bikini-Primark-total £8.00

When I spotted (pardon the pun) this spotty dark blue/purple and white bikini in Primark instantly knew it was coming home with me! I have been searching for one just like this for months. I love the retro almost 50s feel to it and for £8.00 for top and bottoms how can you go wrong. All I need now is an excuse to wear it.

Crop Tops-Primark(sale)-£3.00 to £1.00
Mint tee-H&M-£6.99

These little crop tops were a steal at £1.00 and I already own two others they're the perfect thing to put on with  high waisted shorts on a hot day. I also picked up this plain mint t-shirt. I have been looking for one for ages and noticed this one out the corner of my eye in H&M and couldn't resist it, I really have an obsession with mint and red at the moment.

Knitted Black Vest-H&M-£7.99
Peplum Top-Primark-£8.00

I bought another knitted vest from H&M the white one was everywhere on YouTube for a while and after purchasing it I had to buy the black and the orange version for my mum because she loved it too! The peplum trend is something I'm planning on doing a sort of look book for soon and this is the top I'm going to style. I was amazed at the quality of this top its something I would expect to find in Topshop for £30.00+ not Primark for £8.00. It has to be one of the best buys of this year.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Week in Photos.

new addiction / watching some films to pass the time / dreading taking this all down / finally found somewhere to put my earrings / starting my summer project / fallen back in love with the ipad / Bargain! / new favourite necklace from mum / so yummy / time to blog some more / back to old school with filofax / love this photo / I hate filling out forms / the start to my summer project / bought mother a top / cranberry juice is so delicious / new poster that is actually urban outfitters wrapping paper haha / reverted back to my childhood and did some colouring.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

New Skin care!

Now, skin care has never been the top of my priority list and to be honest I think that's because I've never had major skin issues. Like every teenager I have breakouts and times when I hate my skin, but its never been a huge problem for me. Then I came to uni - and whether it is the stress of independent life, elevated emotions of missing my home or the fact the water is very hard here my skin was not a happy bunny. So, it was time for a change. Now, I already knew that there was a mountain of products out there and honestly I had no idea where to begin. Did I want to go high end? Try the infamous Liz earl cleans and polish? Or go with a high-street brand like Garnier that I was familiar with? 

In fact I went with none of the above. Surprisingly my new skin care is Lush Lush and only Lush. That's right the company that is known for its amazing fragrant products in the form of bath bombs and bubble bars is my skin care secret and its a secret I want to share with all of you! Now it's a bit more expensive than the 'drug store'/high-street brands you can pick up at Boots and Superdrug in the UK but if your willing to fork out the cash for high end brands its well worth a try.

I personally got into lush skin care through my flat mate raving about their fresh face masks and up until then  I was simply a lip tint and bath bomb girl! But I took the plunge and tried 'catastrophe cosmetic',a blueberry face mack, and then 'cupcake', a face mask that smells ridiculously chocolatey and delicious. And from that moment on I was addicted. 

I did a little research on their skin care like most beauty addicts would, searching various YouTube reviews, blog posts and the comments on, discovering that not many people talk about it in the UK but people all over the world adore Lush and its skin care! So I went for it changing everything from my face scrub to my toner! I never really appreciated the attentiveness of lush staff until I needed help with skin care, they are amazing! I was recommend everything I could need for my oily to combination skin and given more than one option for every product I was interested in, making me feel I had a great personal choice.

So here are the products I have tried and my opinions but keep in mind these are for my skin type (oily-combination) but there are loads of options for all skin types in store:

Fresh Farmacy: 
I use this amazing solid cleanser to in my evening shower to wash off my make-up and it works a treat it even removes the smudged mascara off my skin after I rub my eyes.

Ocean Salt:
If my skin is having a melt down and breaking out all over the place I always do a salt water cleanse to disinfect the skin. So when I saw this scrub had sea salt in it I was over the moon! It is a little harsh on the skin if you use a heavy hand but if you use a light tough its a lovely and makes the skin silky smooth!

Mask of Magnaminty:
A gorgeous minty face mask, that unlike all of the other masks at lush, doesn't go off! I love this it's a magic product for preventing and treating break outs. It might not be for everyone as it has a minty tingle to it that some people might find uncomfortable but i love it.

Tea Tree Water:
Now until this I'll be honest with you I had never had a toner, I just didn't feel it was necessary, but now I cant live without one! It's minimised the large pores I had on my cheeks and around my nose and I'm so happy I picked it up.

Grease Lightning:
The spot treatment everyone raves about and I have to say its not the most effective of all the treatments I have used but I do feel as though it prevents spots getting any bigger or out of control if applied every night so I cant complain!

This is an oily skin moisturiser that smells divine. I'm a bit funny about the moisturisers I use on my face, no idea why, I just like them to be tailored to my skin type so this is a perfect match! Its a little pricey but you need the tiniest amount so to me its worth every penny!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

I'm loving...

I adore Motelrocks jeans and they are now on everyone's radar with the infamous black and white striped jeans! But strangely it isn't the most famous pair that I'm after but the pinkest of the bunch. Its rather odd me wanting something pinkish but I cant help it they are just gorgeous!

Monday, 11 June 2012

'Modelling' for a photo shoot...

Hey everyone sorry I've been M.I.A yet again with my first year exams, extra shifts at work and a trip back home I haven't had time to sit down let alone film a video or blog... But I'm back and will be posting at least once a week from now on! No slacking for me! This is a bit of a late one but I had to keep these photos under raps until now! I did a photo shoot over Easter with my amazing friend daisy and it was so much fun! They were for a university project for a fashion cover and magazine spread so here are the snaps...

Styling: Daisy Churchward
Photography: Diasy Churchward
'Model': Me

P.S. If you want to know where anything is from just leave a comment and ill get back to you!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Haul: Primark, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Newlook, H&M

List of items and their prices bellow.
Sorry this video/post is a bit delayed I was meant to put this up a couple of week ago but I forgot about it completely! I ended up starting my spending ban  may 1st until the end of may so you might see a tiny little haul mid may from things I've purchased over the last two weeks.

I hope you enjoy...

Daisy and dot crop tops.
Top of the black backless dress.
Items mentioned:
  • Pleated skirt - 8 - £12 - Primark
  • Stretch crop tops - 8/10 - £3 each - Primark
  • Black cut out back dress - 8 - £6 - Primark
  • Grey bralet - 8 - £5 - Primark
  • Striped sheer jumper - 6 - £15 - Topshop sale
  • Sleeveless shirt - 6 - £15 - Topshop sale
  • Cream vest - 8 - £4.99 - Newlook
  • Sheer crop shirt - 8 - £16.99 - Newlook
  • White knit vest - 8 - £7.99 - H&M
  • Midi dress - 10 - £12 - Dorothy perkins sale
  • Topshop backpack - £36 - Topshop (but I bought on ebay for £25)

What I'm wearing:

Jumper - 8 - Topshop (old)

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

OOTD: Midi-dress

Ok, so here is just a tiny outfit of the day with something I picked up recently in the sale. I think I said it in my 7 deadly sins tag but me and midi-dresses have a bit of a love hate relationship. But today was definitely love more than hate. So... 

This is the dress in question its pretty similar to the ones I have seen dotted around my local Topshop but this one is from Dorothy Perkins sale it was originally £19.99 reduced to £10.20 in the sale and with 15% student discount too, which meant I couldn't not pick it up!

It was pretty cold today so I paired my dress with a plain black cardigan, scarf, leather jacket and boots to keep me warm in the cold and rain.

For accessories the standard rings I always wear, backpack, little hamsa hand bracelet (I swapped the watch from the video with the bracelet) and a necklace I bought in a charity shop and DIYed.

OOTD: Midi-dress

What I'm wearing:

Bracelt - DIY and ebay - £1
Leather jacket - Topshop - £55
Dress - Doroty Perkins - £10.20
Scarf - 99p Store - £0.99
Backpack - Topshop - £36
Belt - (old) Primark - £1
Boots - (old) River Island - £30
Necklace - Charity shop DIY - £1
Rings - Gift or Charity shop - £8-£20

Saturday, 21 April 2012

7 Deadly Sins Fashion Tag.

I've seen a lot of people doing this tag and I really enjoy watching it so I thought I would have a go. If you don't already know I have a YouTube fashion and beauty channel, its fairly new but there are at-least 3 videos going up a week from now on so if you like them be my guest ans subscribe it means a lot to me that you all read my blog so I would love for you to be apart of my videos too!

Right so I am planning for every video I put up to add a parallel blog post because not everyone like YouTube videos so this way no one misses out. I hope you enjoy all this as much as I do!

Here goes...

1. GREED: What is your most inexpensive fashion item? What is your most expensive?

My cheapest piece has to be  black vest tops I wear all the time from Primark they didn't make them this year which was really annoying because well they are the most useful and most worn thing in my wardrobe.
My most expensive is a really hard one because I really don't like spending loads of money on things but it would have to be a toss between my Topshop winter coat or Leather jacket.

2. WRATH: What fashion item do you have a love/hate relationship with? What has been the hardest to get?

I have a definite love hate relationship with midi dresses I adore them but some days I just think they make me look ridiculous hence why I only have one!
Hardest thing to find as to be my black Topshop backpack It was sold out for months in all stores but ebay saved the day once again!

3. GLUTTONY - What fashion item do you have the most of? Which item do you wear the most?

Denim high waisted shorts and skinny jeans without a doubt! I have about 10 of each its ridiculous, I can't stop wearing them. 

4. SLOTH: What fashion item do you neglect, due to laziness?

My flatforms I find them a struggle to walk in and they need wearing in because they kill my feet so I just don't tend to wear them!

5. PRIDE: What fashion item gives you the most self confidence?

I think any girl will say its a stunning dress and a great pair of heels, I think I felt most confident at my cousins wedding in a knee length dress!

6. LUST: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

This is an odd one but if your talking fashion I like a rugged style best, a man in slim fitting jeans is always good. But as long as they are confident, lovely and have their own sense of style I'm happy :)

7. ENVY: What items would you most like to receive as a gift? 

God anything really but at the moment the either a Levi denim jacket, club master ray-bans or some triangle earrings I spotted yesterday in Urban outfitters!

Apologies for the hideous screen shot! 

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Fashion photos

Sorry had to remove this post but will add it again later when I can :).

A few make-up items I'm loving.

I thought, due to my lack of posting, you were due a day of double posts. I have been discovering items that have been forgotten in the ibis that is my make-up collection and loving some well awaited new additions. I thought it might be a nice idea to express my love for these products and maybe encourage you all to love them too! So here goes.

1. I have a love for bold, but still natural looking, eyebrows. And with that comes a love for a great eyebrow pencil. As a avid follower of Sammi from I remembered her mention of this pencil in hazel so thought I would pick it up in dark brown and give it a whirl. I LOVE it it gives my eyebrows a natural look as well as making them neat and bold to 'frame my face' as they say.

2. Yet another recommendation from Sammi. The lip liner pencil in '011 spice' from Rimmel is absolutely gorgeous! I love my dark lip colours but when summer rears its head I feel a bit off wearing a really deep red and feel like brights and nudes are much more fitting to the weather. The thing I love about spice is that its quite a dark nude so I can carry my deeper colours through to the summer months and for £2.99 its a steal!

3. I discovered this little treasure hiding away in my make-up bag. It was a free sample I got in Superdrug a while ago and I had forgotten all about it. It is hands down my favourite blush. Its a cream formula that blends effortlessly on the skin and is the perfect mix of peach and gold shimmer to give you that brilliant sun kissed summer glow. Now all I have to do is find a dupe for it because unfortunately I discovered Bourjois don't do a full size version.

4. There isn't really a lot to say about this next product. Carmex, well it's just brilliant! I bought the classic version because well I hate cherry tastes and smells so that wasn't for me but this has been my life saver! I have really dry lips so I never leave the house without a lip balm and this is now my lip balm of choice. It's incredibly moisturising and everything you could wish for in a lip balm. I expect you all have tried it as I was pretty late to jump on the band wagon but if you haven't I urge you to go buy it ASAP!

5. Finally I recently bought the witch powder after I noticed it was on offer in Superdrug and I'm really impressed with it. I'm not sure about its claim to make my skin clearer but the finish it gives to my skin is really nice as long as you don't apply too much. Unfortunately I have oily skin so a powder is a must and this one is my current favourite.

I hope my little ramble on my favourite products of the moment has inspired you to give a few of them a try for yourself as I think they are all absolutely brilliant!