Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Perfume Love

Sorry for the horrendous lack of posts lately guys, between working every other day and moving into my new house one suitcase at a time I haven't had time to sit down let alone write anything worth posting. But her goes...

so, the other day I was in Boots looking around and when I got to the perfume I realised all I wanted to look at was my favourite perfume. For some reason I just love having a 'signature' smell. I mean I can see people after years and they instantly remember my perfume form way back when. I like that. Well I LOVE that. For some people it's about having loads of perfume to pick from ever day or even one for each season but I much prefer having just one. Plus I have never heard anyone say they don't like how it smells.

The perfume in question...

Nina by Nina Ricci. I'm appalling at describing smells all I can say is it's really sweet. On the other hand the internet says it has...

Top: A dramatic accord built around citrus pulp, revealed by an intoxicating freshness of Calabrese Lemon  and Caipirinha Lime.

Heart: A dual facet, juicy, mouth-watering, caramelized, which mingles with a precious, delicate and sweet floral note. 

Bottom: A smooth, reassuring, gentle embrace of light woods - Applewood and white Cedar - sensually swathed in soft Musks.

So all in all it seems it's smell is citrus floral and wood - an odd combination but a gorgeous fragrance.

I don't think I will ever swap perfumes. Although I did notice a few additions to the Nina collection that I'm eager to try because maybe they will spur me out of love of the pink apple.

Half of me wonders if it is just the bottle I'm attracted too haha.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


I want all of these jackets I have a thing for parkas and the leather sleeves on the Zara jacket are amazing and the great twist on a classic parka that this army jacket brings to the table is perfect for my style, I love them! As well as all that you already know I love bold floral prints and these bomber jackets epitomise my love for edgy pieces with the floral trend! I will be trying to get my hands on all of these.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

I'm loving...

I am addicted to the massive floral prints of this season and cant wait to get my hand on a few of the pieces featured in this post. So i think it's time to ditch the ditsy prints of previous years and get big and bold with our florals!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Grunge vs. Grown-up

Recently I've been thinking a lot about fashion, my age and my style. Now I know I'm not old old but I've been thinking about how long I can continue to dress the way I dress. 5 years 10 years? who knows. 
I have two different styles as it is but I wonder whether the second part of my style which is more structured and feminine will develop into the one that I wear when I'm over the age of 30.

Grungy and edgy is the way I would describe my style most of the time. Then again when I really stop to think about it my every day look does sometimes fall into a more clean cut style. But, right now the pieces in the more grungy 'collection' feel much more fitted to the person I am right now. 
Me at 30+? Who knows but I can definitely see this as possible. With these clothes fitting so well into the second half as my style I expect this half will grow to take over the more grungy style that dominates my wardrobe now.

What do you think your style will develop into? Its such an odd thing to imagine and I'm probably completely wrong because 10 years ago I would never of guessed how I dress now, but then again I was 9, and I have a little bit of an advantage now as I know SO much more about fashion than I did back then. Although maybe it will be Grunge to Grown-up like this after all...

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Matchy matchy

After creating my last couple of posts and looking through a number of fashion magazines I stumbled across some styling that I am head over heals in love with. Matching! That's right matching having a crop top that is exactly the same pattern and colour as your skirt or shorts is, in my opinion, an amazing way to embrace summer style.

I come across the first outfits looking through skirts to match with a peplum top a few days ago and instantly fell in love with the pattern and after having a quick browse of hm.com  I found the matching shorts and crop top which have made it onto my wish list meaning I will soon be picking them up and spending my hard earned cash.

Crop tops have become one of my go to pieces for this summer and I can't get enough of them paired with high waisted trousers, skirts or shorts. I think the fact they let you expose that tinny strip of skin around your waist makes me like them even more. This is yet another reason why I love this trend so much, it incorporates all my summer favourites form bold print to crop tops to high waists. 

Its not all about bright pattern so if that's not your thing I found these darker patterns selling in Topshop. With one being simple and the other a little bit more interesting they show that there is something for everyone. But although both of these outfits sport the full skirt with a little added detail they look worlds apart from one another. I love the cut out details that are everywhere this season but only at topshop have I seen them be used on the front of pieces, but I think its a great way to expose skin in a very sexy way.

And hey if you want to go the whole hog why not add a matching pair of shoes!?