Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Nail varnish collection.

As my lipstick collection post went down so well I thought it might be a nice idea to pop up a post about my nail varnish collection. In a similar fashion I have far far too many nail varnishes much like I do lipsticks.

Okay so there is no doubt that I, in many people's eyes have too many of these flipping things and I would have to agree with them. No one needs all these but they are so pretty I just can't resist! God this blog has turned a little bit into a confession of my shopaholic problem. But then again I enjoy it so who's it hurting! Although I wear all these varnishes all year round I have recently discovered that I have an absolute favourite brand! That being models own. Not only is the colour range one of the best I have ever seen, form their duo chrome colours to flatter creamy ones but they, at least on me, last for at least a week with a topcoat.

models own (left to right) Grace Green/ Concrete Mixer / Purple Ash / Betty Blue / Top Turquoise / nail art pen.

These are the colours I own and I think they are some perfect shades for spring and summer. Now I know what your thinking, and I agree they are not the conventional pastel shades of the moment but I think they are perfect! I'm not the biggest fan of pastels and with my palest of pale completion they don't really look that great on me either so I've gone for a more unusual collection for the new seasons.

models own - Concrete Mixer

I think this is my favourite of all my nail varnishes at the moment its perfect for every season and, well, I just adore it really!

Hope you enjoyed this little post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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