Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Grunge vs. Grown-up

Recently I've been thinking a lot about fashion, my age and my style. Now I know I'm not old old but I've been thinking about how long I can continue to dress the way I dress. 5 years 10 years? who knows. 
I have two different styles as it is but I wonder whether the second part of my style which is more structured and feminine will develop into the one that I wear when I'm over the age of 30.

Grungy and edgy is the way I would describe my style most of the time. Then again when I really stop to think about it my every day look does sometimes fall into a more clean cut style. But, right now the pieces in the more grungy 'collection' feel much more fitted to the person I am right now. 
Me at 30+? Who knows but I can definitely see this as possible. With these clothes fitting so well into the second half as my style I expect this half will grow to take over the more grungy style that dominates my wardrobe now.

What do you think your style will develop into? Its such an odd thing to imagine and I'm probably completely wrong because 10 years ago I would never of guessed how I dress now, but then again I was 9, and I have a little bit of an advantage now as I know SO much more about fashion than I did back then. Although maybe it will be Grunge to Grown-up like this after all...

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  1. Ahh, I'm so worried about my later-years style, haha! I don't think I'm capable of dressing like a responsible adult. I love the two different moodboards though! Both sets are so nice!

    Emily Wears Things