Monday, 26 November 2012

The perfect little... Christmas dress?

Long time no blog hey? I promise you this is the last apology you will be getting off me for the fact I'm a rubbish blogger! Uni has finally settled down, I say settled down I have two assignments due in two weeks time but who doesn't love a little bit of procrastination now and again? So, whilst I take a break from fighting with this essay I will try to entertain you by doing a much-needed post! 

After being at work all weekend and having the question "So what are you wearing to the Christmas party?" thrown at me at least a dozen times I realized I had absolutely no idea what I was going to wear. Although, I was going with a black pencil skirt and a sheer peplum top with a red velvet baroque pattern, but after I had to put together an impromptu Halloween costume that’s out the window because, well no one wants a vampire at the Christmas party do they? I tend to be one of those people who sort of throw something together at the last minute and ends up pulling out the little black dress that has been ever so faithful to me throughout the years. But I have vowed that this Christmas that will all change! So, I am now on the hunt for the, it seems, somewhat illusive PFD- Perfect Festive Dress.

Now, if you’re like me and on a fairly tight budget you may have a harder time than others locating your PFD. I for example started where I imagine most people would, the local shopping center, I have looked high and low and still found, well, diddley squat. So now in lieu of my procrastination I have put down my book on ‘Realism in Contemporary Children’s Literature’ to adopt a new mission. Online shopping! Now brace yourself, if you take this route you may be in for hours of slogging through various websites in the hope that something might scream out at you. Although, it helps when you know exactly what you’re looking for.

For example one of the girls I work with is thinking black sequin dress. Now I have been down this road before and lets just say flash photography is not my friend on a good day and neither is it with sequins on. So I for one am planning to stay clear of the sparkle this year. Velvet is one of my much loved favorites for this season, it’s just something about the texture, I mean who doesn’t want to dress on red or green velvet the one time of year they can get away with it? Lace is always nice, but then again I don’t see it being all that festive. Although saying that I have just spotted a gold dress with red lace that would fit the bill perfectly. Unfortunately £60 is a little out of my price range but a nice try from Topshop. Asos has failed me because I just cant stomach the sheer amount of items on the website and Urbaoutfitters has once again proven that it is horrendously overpriced. I’m getting so stressed I’m tempted to just forget it and go right back to my essay.

Looks like it might be a Christmas miracle if I ever find what I’m looking for. Jesus Christ all this and I still haven’t picked out my shoes.

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