Saturday, 12 January 2013

New Year new blog...

Right. This is it. My blog is getting a re-vamp...

No more slacking my new years resolution is to get back to what I was going when I started this blog posts at-least three times a week. That's right and it's going to have some structure. I'm going to introduce some regular posts that will encourage me to step it up when it comes to posting!

1. Weekly wants... / Wish list
     - A quick and simple post that includes the item(s) I have seen that week and am lusting over.

2. Whats new?
    - My favour purchases of the month/week

     - We all know what that means don't we?

4. Monthly favourites.../ Great discovery
    - My favourite items of the month from clothes and makeup to music or just a great discovery.

Along with these regulars my blog will be peppered with features on everything from budget shopping to week in photo.

I hope you stick with me while i re-dedicate myself to my much loved blogging.

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