Friday, 10 February 2012

Hair care favourites.

I was never massively into hair care until it was too late. Unfortunately for me that meant a pretty drastic hair cut and starting to treat my hair with a bit more TLC than I previously have done. I went from blow drying my hair and curling it every single morning to applying almost no heat to it at all and I will never go back! Now I am completely obsessed with hair care.

These are the products I use on a regular basis...

Aussie miracle hair insurance leave in conditioner- I have always had tangled hair and now all I can think while I try and get a knot out is 'how many hairs is this snapping' but after applying a few sprays of this stuff the comb glides right through. I have no idea if it really makes me hair any softer or in any better condition but the stress of untangling it being no more its worth the effort for me!

Aussie 3 minute miracle- I love this stuff so much, it's my life saver! I would use it as my everyday conditioner because it leave my hair so soft but that isn't good for your hair so I have to restrain myself to once a week. It smells absolutely incredible, which I think is half the reason I love it so much (I'm a sucker for a brilliant smelling product).

got2b guardian angel - I hardly ever use heat on my hair at all but when I do this is my go to heat protection. What else is there really to say? It keeps my hair safe if I ever put heat on it. It smells good. and I've run out of things to say haha. Its just a good product!

Herbal essences beautiful ends collection - The mask and the ends cream are hands down one of the best smelling products I own. The cream was my saviour when I had all my dead ends because it seals them up so they look non existent which is exactly what you want when you have hair as bad as mine was.

V05 oil - Initially I bought this because of the massive hype that surrounded it and I can honestly say I'm really glad I did. When I use it I just feel like I'm doing something good for my hair! It makes it really soft and is noticeably healthy looking. Also it is definitely cheaper than Moroccan oil (which I can't afford)!

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