Saturday, 4 February 2012

How I style...

The ways that people pick out their outfits has always interested me. Do they try on every combination they can think of before going for the one they love the most, do they pre-plan their outfits weeks in advance, do they just think in their head about what they fancy that day and then simply put it on and go? For some reason it seems that no-one ever talks about this kind of thing so I thought why not blog about it! For me everything happens on the day because my outfits tend to work around what I'm feeling like or the weather so nothing will ever be pre-planned with me. Although to be completely honest with you on the day that I choose to photograph my outfit this jacket was definitely not warm enough! Anyway, it all starts with one piece of clothing and this time it was a little jersey cream shirt I bought in Topshop last year because I wanted to have a collar on show.

Shirt: Topshop - (a year ago)

Then it comes to the fun bit, laying everything out! So, I take the one piece and lay it out on my bed ( in my room there is no where else to put it) and build my outfit around it. There is no other method to how I pick my outfits really the rest is simply whatever I feel like on the day.

Boots: Dorothy Perkins - £26
Jeans: Topshop Kirstens - £40
Scarf: Charity Shop - 50p
Bag: H&M - £7

I tend to be always be addicted to one bag so that's a given, but I tend to lay out my shoes and basic accessories with every thing too. The only thing I won't lay out if jewellery, not really sure why that is I just tend to put that all on afterwards.

Jacket: Topman - boyfirends
Hat: Topshop - £8
Jumper: Newlook - £20

As far as it goes my morning route of styling is nothing earth shattering but I thought the idea of knowing how people pick what they wear everyday was interesting, I'm just a tad nosey i guess.

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