Sunday, 26 February 2012

Clothing haul.

I know I shouldn't of but I did. I was meant to be off shopping this month because its my birthday so I didn't see the point, but, I've gone and done it! In my defence these are things I really 'needed'. If you follow me on twitter you will know that I bought some flatform wedges, and I am head over heals (excuse the pun) in love with them! I repeatedly saw people talking about the ASOS ones but as a student I can't really justify paying £40 for shoes I might not wear too often, so I gave up on them. Until I found these bad boys...

shoes: £24.99 - H&M

I am in love they are, in my opinion, 10 times nicer than the ASOS ones with their leather wedge and swede shoe. When I spotted them in my local H&M you can't even imagine my excitement, especially when I saw the price.

I then went out with my wonderful flat mates (who are a terrible influence on my spending ban btw) for a little shopping trip to town and ended up picking out a few things on my wish lists.

I've been eyeing up this leather jacket for the longest time and thought as I have £50 to spare this month from my wages I would treat myself to an early birthday present. I also don't own a leather jacket, and as a wardrobe staple I think you will all agree this purchase was very much necessary.

leather jacket: £50 (with student discount) - Topshop

The second to last thing I picked up is yet another thing I've been lusting after for the past month. The speckled t-shirt dress from Topshop, which I found out today comes in six other colours (that means more money spending on my part). I love this little dress so so much it's unbelivably versatile which means i can justify buying it, and well it helps that its really pretty.

dress: £25 - Topshop

I also went out today and bought these gorgeous earrings. How lovely are these, I can't get over how in love with them I am!

earrings: £5 -Topshop

I've noticed from moving to uni that one, I definitely have an unhealthy addiction to shopping, two, that I spend way to much money on clothes and three, that its so much more satisfying to buy something your over the moon in love with than something you just like. Which has lead me to the conclusion that unless I have put a piece of clothing or, a pair of shoes on my wish list (I keep one updated on my phone) and they have stayed there for over 2 weeks I am not allowed to buy them. I'm hoping this new method of shopping will save me money, slow my addiction and in the long term get me a wardrobe that I absolutely adore. Oh, and I'm still sticking to my 'if I wear this once for every pound it cost me its totally worth it!' As you can see I'm very good at justifying my spending haha.


  1. love the leather jacket! its so funky

    1. Thanks I've worn it everyday since I bought it, I think I like it too much haha p.s this comment made my day it nice to know people actually read my blog!

  2. I've been wondering what flatforms were for bloodyyyy ages haha! I kept hearing them mentioned! There well cool!! :) xx

    1. Your not alone my boyfriends response when I said "I've bought flatforms" was "What's that? It sounds like some sort of orthopaedic shoe?" haha. I love them but I feel like bambi learning to walk when I wear them haha.

  3. Ohhh I love those Flatforms!!

    Katie x

  4. Great Post!