Monday, 9 January 2012

This is me..

Just thought I would do a little introducing of myself as this is a new blog and I'm a new blogger i thought it might be best!
So this is me...

My name is Emily House i have no nicknames apart from the handful of people that call me Em or House. I'm 18 years old and a student currently in the first year of university. I have long brown hair, blue eyes, previously wore braces and I like piercings. I'm ambidextrous. Some of my favourite films are still Disney classics. I spend all my money in Topshop and urban outfitters when i don't need food because i am a shopping addict!

I wear alot of black so if you asked anyone else i guess they would say that was my favourite colour even though its red. I love lots of different music but then again thats because my boyfriend is addicted to it so ive been introduced to alot of amazing stuff! I read Vogue religiously oh and I'm currently wanting to make something of this little blog I've started, just a waiting game now!

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