Friday, 6 January 2012

New year...

So I was sat at home thinking about new years resolutions and things I wish I could do. Given that my resolutions went so well last year I thought I would make some more this year, so I made a list. To be honest with you it has turned out more as a 'to do' list rather than resolutions but never mind haha.

1. Blog 3 or more times a week and stick at it!
2. Start a YouTube fashion and beauty channel (because I have always wanted to but am too nervous)
3. Learn to stop procrastinating so much
4. Spend less money (so hard when your a retail addict)
5. Be healthy (that means gym and food)
6. Read every page of every book or magazine I buy! (don't leave them unopened)

And that's about it I think! So now it's just time to do them! Wish me luck. :)


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