Friday, 20 January 2012


Now eBay is a bit of an odd one when it comes to people my age, it seems to be regarded in many ways as a massive jumble sale that is pretty much useless. It has been on the up i think with popular fashion blogs like making it a feature of some posts. But i will be the first to admit that i adore eBay and i am not ashamed to say so! Not only have i bought a fair number of clothing pieces from there but when I'm looking for a cheap alternative to over priced jewellery it is always my first port of call. From sterling silver rings and cross earring's to charms for cord bracelets its just everything you could ever want in one place and not one of the pieces on the image below cost me over £3! How great is that?
So i urge you to have a look if you fancy a new pair of ea rings or a silver stone ring just have go you might be surprised what you find i know i always am!

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