Tuesday, 10 January 2012

MUA review.

I have to admit I was extremely excited when I heard about MUA makeup appearing in Superdrugs all over the country and I'm really glad I tried them out! I think the first time i saw them was when there was alot of hype on MUA with the youtube beauty and fashion channels and the second i got a chance i ran to my local superdrug to find out if we had it in store. Thankfully we did and my obsession grew from there.

I was about to say that i only have a couple of products but after looking through my makeup collection i seem to have acumulated a few more than i thought i had. To be honest with you its definitly a brand i find i either love or hate, but the products i love are well worth it! In the basic range everything id £1 and in the professional line it can vary, but it still remains very affordable!

1. The eyeshadows are my main addiction and for a girl who wears little eyeshadow its surprising to even me that i have so many. Although unlike other shadows like MAC for example when they are this reasonable i dont have to consider if its worth it or not. All the colors are very pigmented and for £1 they are simply amazing! It took me a while to get hold of this incredible copper colour because it was continualy sold out but i finaly snapped it up. There are mixed reviews on their packaging, which i tink its pretty good all in all, but what can you expect for £1.

2. Their clear mascara is a cheap alternative to brow gel and for me it works really well so on a whim i decided to pick up their brow pencil in hopes it would sort out my messy brows. It did and i was pleasently surprised it lasts all day on me and was great for my first brow pencil!

3. I'm not a huge blush wearer especially in pink shades but, its easily blendable the only down side i can find is that its a bit to shimmery for me.

4. Like any eyeliners their khol pencil doesnt last all day but it has a teriffic colour pay off on the water line and i dont particularly mind re-applying. The fact that there is a sharpner in the lid is also a massive plus as i tend to loose my sharpeners all the time!

5. Lastly the lipsticks, brilliant colour and sleek packaging.The colour shown in the pagaging is an exact match to the lipstick itself which is always a plus. The only problem i have with the lipsticks is that they are a bit too smooth, they almost feel like a gloss on the lips and i dont know if its just me but i like to feel secure in the fact it wont smudge all over my face or teeth.

It has to be said that MUA for a very affordable brand have done amazingly well with their products and i will be going back again and again.

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  1. Never tried mua begore but daw their blushes the other day and thry look really pigmented! Great review