Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Revlon Matte Lipstick 'Fabulous Fig'.

So, I was looking through the blogs I click daily trying to get inspired to post and I noticed that I have never even considered writing about one of my favourite products so here goes...

Lipstick. Its something that almost every girl loves to wear whether your brave enough to sport bright red in the day time or are more of a nude shade girl we all love it! Personally I love red lipstick, its almost the only colour I buy but I really don't need any more of the stuff, I just cant help myself. I am a self confessed lipstick addict, so I think the best way to start a favourites post would be my all time favourite lipstick, which happens to also come from my all time favourite 'drug-store' or if your in the U.K high-street brand.

Revlon Matte 'Fabulous Fig'
I am a massive fan of matte lipstick, for some reason I just think they look 10 times nicer than glossy ones and shimmery anything is just a no go area for me. The only issue is matte finishes are that their massively drying and as a dry lip sufferer already they are not my best friend especially in the winter months. However, unlike some higher end matte lipsticks I've tried in the past the formula for these is smooth, creamy and easy to apply making them almost perfect! Unfortunately like most matte lipsticks they are drying but then again that has to be expected. All in all this range is definitely my favourite on the market and I will forever be repurchasing.

I'm an avid red lipstick wearer but this has to be my favourite shade for every day simply because its not too in your face. Where I used to live was a very small town and wearing bright red lipstick got you a few funny looks in the light of day so this became my favourite toned down alternative, and its stuck with me as a solid favourite ever since!

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